Friday, June 28, 2013

Minecraft Party Goodie "bags"

There are so many amazing Minecraft Party ideas on Pinterest, that there is no way my party planning can compare. Especially since this party comes on the heels of a crazy-busy three weeks or prepping and then running VBS! But I am proud of my goodie  "bags". My friends Beth, Gressa and I put Duct tape Creeper faces on plastic sandwich containers from Micheals, made Expert Miner Buttons and Super Cool Fusion bead swords! Threw in some non- melting candy (since it is July) and some tattoos and viola! The tags I made in Pages and then had them printed at Sam's club in wallet size for the tags, and 4x6 to wrap around the candy.


  1. Hi! I really adore your ideas for Minecraft party. I'm just wondering if you can share the printables? Also, did you make the bead swords or bought them? My son will turn 7 in 6 weeks and I'm scrambling for Minecraft party ideas. Help!

  2. So Sorry, I didn't save the printables.. I just printed them at Sam's Club Photo and deleted them! The swords we made with those melting beads :) The sandwich containers were super easy.. just containers and black duct tape! Good luck!!

  3. LOVE the Creeper lunch boxes! So adorable!